Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Me

So, in order to share my rants and raves with people who couldn't care less others, I decided that the best platform for that would be blogging (?).  There's one big problem though (and a whole host of smaller ones), while I am reasonably proficient with my computer, and I can do what I need to do with it (mostly), I've been an epic fail at blogging.  Before I explain, you should know that I have ZERO patience for things that don't work. None.

Ok, so here we go:

In my quest to be a successful marginally adept blogger, I have now tried almost every blogging platform available. {"I've been everywhere man"} I started with, and I was frustrated with the templates or something, I don't really remember. (Might have been all the "extra" stuff they want you to pay is that a "free" platform??)

Then I decided that I would try TypePad because they had a free trial, and what did I have to lose? They have proper tech support, so I thought that would be really helpful considering my seemingly infinite capacity to arse things up.  I moved everything to TypePad, and there was just something about TypePad that bugged me, (yes, besides the glaring lack of any decent themes.  I mean honestly, you pay for the service, you should at least get themes as nice as the ones on Blogger!)

Next,  I read a lot of online articles and bought a few books (love Dummies guides!)  and most of them said that if you really want to blog the "only" real  platform is  These lying bastards folks even said that WP was really easy to install and use! Yay! So--(and this was really pitifully hilarious)--one weekend I tried to do a manual install. (I know, you see the red flashing lights and hear the sirens here right? I didn't...) It took 3 books, 6 hours, much cursing, much help form HostGator, and I got exactly nowhere.

Ultimately, I had to undo all the damage I had done, and then I did the smart(er) thing--the one-click install. Voila! Instablog. Great! pictures won't load, the plug-ins are a pain in the ass, and I HATE blogging! So I cancel my hosting, get rid of my blog, and go back to TypePad!

I hear you--I know you're questioning my mental stability...'s'ok, sometimes I do too. Ok, so meanwhile back at the ranch, the TypePad blog back still bugs me, and the themes are still bloody ugly.  So I move on to Blogger. Whiz Bang! I install 2 blogs, buy one of them a domain, and they look great! pictures take FOREVER to load, every time I go back in my settings are changed, and I hate blogging again...

You'd think I'd get it, right? BUT WAIT! *Poof*  I conveniently ignore forget how much I hated the first time, so I buy hosting again, and install (One Click the FIRST time this time! See? I can be taught!) WP again. That's this blogUPDATE: AND when I put pictures into my blog post, the formatting is all screwy when you go to my blog. WHY??? I just don't get it. I don't get why you need an IT degree to use WP, or why I'm the only one that thinks it's complete crap! I cut and pasted the Filofax post into both and Blogger, and even with cut and paste, BOTH of them had the formatting of the pictures/post correct. So, now I'm back with Blogger, and unless someone offers me completely free site maintenance for life, I'm not leaving again.  At least when/if things go wrong, it's not costing me any money.

Maybe I should just give up on this whole blogging thing-- except--this time...I REALLY LIKE DOING IT!! So, I guess I'll keep working and learning and re-reading that "Blogger for Dummies" guide.


  1. Yes, keep writing! I've only recently started writing a blog of my own and despite the fact that I don't really have time and I don't know what I'm doing, I'm totally loving it! Now, if only I could get my domain name set up properly so it worked with my site properly, rather than just forwarding to it... it's a learning curve, I guess!

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