Monday, April 25, 2011

Current Filofax Conundrum

Hello lovies! I hope you've had a delightful and refreshing holiday weekend!!

I've spent most of my holiday weekend on Twitter and Facebook cussing and discussing Filofaxes. (Yes, I know I need to get out more, thank you) Or more specifically, "Oh my gosh, I need want a new Filofax, but I just can't decide which one because I love them all!" (Well, except the Apex. What a frightful disaster that is! Just more proof that Filofax the company should read Philofaxy the blog, post haste!!)

Now, as an aside, I'm rather at a loss as to why, as a group, us lot who have a Filofax in perfect working order, that we really love, have the burning desire to purchase even MORE Filofaxes.  Perhaps it's just that they're just so bloody gorgeous that it's like the potato chip problem, no one can have just one. This is also a great theory, and one that the Filofax Enabler Club is likely to recognize. I don't know, people certainly collect far odder things, so tell your loved ones who think you're a fry short of your Happy Meal are having a hard time understanding your habit to hush up.

ANY HOO... I had decided that I wanted something that unlike my Cuban Zip, lies flat. This is bothering me way more than I thought it would. When I switched  back to my Domino the other day just to try it out, I also realized that while the ring size of the Cuban is wonderful for stowing loads of crap stuff, it makes it a lot more difficult to write over the rings, but the Domino's rings were easier to work with. So I've been driving myself (and my online friends) bug nuts over WHICH ONE TO BUY???

As I have a VERY limited Filofax budget, I have to be very careful.  Also, I can't see any of the ones I want in person because the only store close to me has a horrendous selection (more on this in my next post). So I've been hounding asking all my Filofax friends for their ideas and recommendations.

Here's the short list: (all in the Personal size)
  1. Adelphi in Magenta
  2. Metropol in Raspberry
  3. Malden in Black
  4. Malden in Ochre
  5. Wait for the Malden in Vintage Pink
I've crossed the Malden in black off of the list because, though it is stunning,  I just don't want another black accessory. I usually avoid buying black accessories like the plague. I don't buy black purses if I can help it, or at least not solid black, and I try not to buy black shoes either.  It's not that I don't like black, I just LOVE color so much! Color makes me happy--one of the reasons I adore Vera Bradley so much.

Speaking of Vera Bradley! As my birthday is coming up in May, I'd love to have a bag/Filofax combo that at least semi-matches. This is the bag I want, so I think that the Adelphi would match perfectly! Both have that wonderful quilting, and the color is brilliant! It makes me happy to think of looking into my bag and finding the Adelphi. However, the Adelphi has met with strong rejection from some of my online friends, so maybe I'm wrong. That being said, the Malden certainly has it's own abundant and beguiling charms (I even hear some of them have been quite naughty in the wild). I think the Ochre color looks like me, but it doesn't match a bloody thing I have (not that I care much about matchy matchy)...OR I could wait for the Vintage Pink to come out...but that defeats the purpose of a "Birthday" present. AND not being able to see any of these in person to help with the decision is really a problem!  (Well, you know, not on the order of world hunger or anything, but annoying me nonetheless).

I think I am definitely going to buy the Metropol, but I'm going to use it for something else, so that purchase is a given. I've been in love with it (just wish it was leather) since I first saw Gala Darling's post about hers. As a matter of fact, that post is what started my Filofax obsession love-affair too!

So there you have it! My Current Filofax Conundrum. Please share your enabling thoughts!!
Next week, I'm moving onto bitching providing constructive criticism about the inserts...


  1. I love my Adelphi too. I am sure that it will re emerge at some point for my PhD planner. Who has been knocking the Adelphi? It is beautiful!

    The metropol is a lovely colour but I am a Filofax snob so the fact it is not leather annoys me.

    And well the Malden........ Words can't describe how lovely the leather is.

  2. @caribbean princess I'm a leather snob too, but my budget won't allow 2 leather ones right now **sobs**. I love the Malden, but don't want to wait for pink, and the ochre doesn't match a thing...
    I'm just really wanting that Adelphi I think.
    I just wish I could "feel it up" before I buy it!!
    Oh well, Friday will tell...
    And thank you for being so patient and answering all my questions!

  3. Your so funny ! We're are all like the Imelda Marcos. No shoes just filofaxes please.

  4. I know you don't want to hear it, but I vote wait for the pink Malden...

    Or just get 'em both...or get 'em ALL!!!! Muahhahahaha.....

  5. That Very Berry Paisley would look so smart with that Adelphi tucked inside of it. Very nice!

    Your Cuban will be jealous, but, he'll just have to deal with it. Men! Hmph!

    I agree--wait on the pink Malden. She 'll be a great cousin to add to your Filo family.

    Oh, and may I join the FEC? The motto should be a redo of the Chicago voting slogan, "Buy once, buy often." Bwahahaha... (apologies to thezeitgeistofzoe)

  6. The Adelphi is the only one that gets discontinued, so I'd say: buy one as long as you can. You can always get a Malden later...

    Haven't seen the Malden in Vintage Pink myself yet, so I can't tell you what it looks like - but the Ochre is definitely gorgeous!

    I love my Metropol too, but it takes some time to lay really flat & the inside pockets are quite tight.

  7. @filofanatic See? Very Berry+Adelphi=perfection!

    @Iris "The Adelphi is the only one that gets discontinued, so I'd say: buy one as long as you can. You can always get a Malden later.."

    That is exactly what I was thinking!

    Oh, I just love that Ochre color! So should I throw matching caution to the wind and get it??

    Metropol...sad to know...I love that color!!! conundrum....

  8. Totally disagree with you about the Apex, in this store, we have 4 pre orders for the apex and none for any other design, so I think it is defo going to be one of the best sellers this year.

  9. @shepcraig Wow, where is your store? Are you in the US? Because I can't find a good store :-( Are you going to buy one?
    I don't like the other new designs either, actually.
    The Malden is gorgeous, the rest of the year's line-up..meh, not so much.
    Methinks Filofax should be reading Philofaxy!

  10. i like the apex as well. it's similar to the domino which i also really like but with the textured surface the apex won't scratch as much. i'm not so sure about the asymmetrical closure though. visually i like it fine, but i'm wondering if it would annoy me after awhile physically. totally dig the black/orange combination tho and the price is great for having a second filo to kick around

  11. So I'm not the only one to like the Apex? On Twitter you made me feel like I was crazy...

  12. I absolutely ADORE Adelphi in Magenta!! *o* Last time I almost bought it instead of my purple Finsbury. But in the end I choose Finsbury over Adelphi because Adelphi was much more expensive =( and it's also because Adelphi's leather is much softer and I was worried that it might get scratched easily =( (cos I'm very rough with the things that I use >.<)

    But Adelphi's leather is so deliciously soft and beautiful! If I could choose again I think I'd pick Adelphi this time =)

  13. Ok y'all, I get it. I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone who likes the Apex, or the other new designs! And I totally appreciate the comments I got about the Apex (I appreciate ALL comments!!)

    If you like the Apex, good on ya! And I would love to see the pictures when you get one and start using it, because a Filofax is a Filofax, and a junkie is a junkie (me), so rock your Apex, blog it, and then send me the link(s)!

    @YC Oh, thank you! I have really been having a hard time with choosing, as funds are limited and I can't afford to make a mistake in purchasing.

  14. no offenses at all. to each his/her own. ok, here - i'm not so fond of quilty things so i don't really like the adelphi or vera bradley. so take that! heh heh. i wish i liked the adelphi tho for the a5. an open a5 might be nice. i think iris posted it on flickr. the other one i REALLY love is the guildford compact with the black tabs. not so sure i want to pay international shipping for it but you never know what can happen with one too many night caps heh heh

  15. I have the Adelphi and I LOVE it. It lays flat easily, and has good pockets (except the zipper one in the back is too tight for anything but paper). It smells really great and is so soft. I'm very hard on my purses/wallets/shoes and the Adelphi is holding up very well. Only the top of the strap above the popper and the edges are roughed up. :)

  16. Late to this as usual. Just wondering ..... have you thought about the Baroque? Same layout as the Malden but embossed leather like the Adelphi and including shipping from France comes in at around the same price as the other two? Just saying?

  17. The Metropol has the big downside that you will have to put up a fight to get it laying flat.
    The Malden just does.
    Have you considered the Finchley? Also great leather, and laying flat as a pancake.
    I like the Adelphi as well, and think both Damson and Magenta would make a great combo with that gorgeous bag!

    On budget: try Ebay (even, and I'm sure you'll dig up a great deal!

  18. I actually bought a Baroque recently from an eBay seller. I really like it, but not using it as my main Filofax.
    More in another post..
    Sorry so late in replying to comments, please please keep them coming!!

  19. @Jotje
    I like the Finchley leather, but not the square edges, I'd bash the heck out of those--I'm rough on my Filofaxes.