Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream Planners

Have y'all ever sat down with pen and paper and worked out how you would design your "dream planner'? I mean, if you could have a planner, and it was designed perfectly to meet your needs, what would it look like?

I keep trying to make lists (both in my Filofax and on the gorgeous, open, white pages of my Planner Pad whose biggest drawback is those infernal appt. slots) about exactly what I need/want in a planner.

This is what I wrote in my Planner Pad the other day:

*How I Use My Planner
make daily log/notes including weather and gratitude lists (I started doing this every day. A few weeks ago, I got bored with it and quit, but then I missed being able to go back and look through it. It's really fun to look back at what my days were like. Some days when I was subbing I was grateful for 3:00 haha)
attach ephemera (I like to attach notes from my kids or my mom, letters from friends, things the kids give me, tickets (If I ever went anywhere). I usually do this with Washi Tape or stickers)
things my kids say/do
random note making

*How To Make My Planner Better
plenty of space to write (I make random notes during the day, like thoughts, questions, book quotes, how to make my planner work better, etc.)
space to attach things
get rid of appt. time slots (I seriously hate these. I might have 1-2 appts. like every 3 or 4 months)
nice thick paper so I can use various types of pens
probably spirally bound, because I can bend one side back and spread my craziness all over both pages (I LOVE LOVE LOVE when the pages get all written and drawn over!)

My perfect planner is the perfect planner for random thinking, short attention span, high on caffeine coffee (the elixir of life) loving, one fry short of a Happy Meal  one oar short of a rowboat eccentric, likes to play with pens/markers/stickers folks like me. I'd say the creative type, but I'm not so creative any more.

Any way, I'd love to hear if you've done this (admit it, there's no judging here), and what you came up with if you did. If you think I'm crazy--1. Join the club 2. Hush your mouth, this is my blog and I'll write what I want :O)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Horrendous Blogging Habits and New Filofaxes

I discussed this in one of my first posts, yes? I'm a horrendously irregular blogger. There are days when the effort of typing up and adding pictures to a blog post is just too much. I know that sounds pitiful, but it's true. Then, there are times when I jones for blogging...

Maybe I should change my blog name to "Random Rori"?

Any hoo, onto today's post!

For my birthday, I ordered myself a new Filofax (after MUCH cussing and discussing with the Enabler Club about different options).  It is a light blue Topaz, which is an older design much like Amazona, only with lizard print leather (cowhide).  The insides are the same as the Amazona, though.
Here it is! It really is the most delicious shade of blue, and matches the bag (Vera Bradley pleated tote in Hope Garden) my kids got me for Mother's Day perfectly:
 When I first got the Topaz, I didn't like it. I was SO disappointed.  I still can't figure out if that was because I just loved my Cuban zip so much, or I really didn't like the Topaz.  I'm still not sure what my problem was, but I've made peace with it.  Also, it had the weirdest smell when I got it...almost like  a leather/chemical mix.  I don't know if that was the dye or what, but it has dissipated; it still doesn't smell like delicious leather, but at least it doesn't reek.

I did move right back into the Cuban after I first got the Topaz and moved into it, but then I decided that if I paid for it, I needed to be using it.  So I moved out of the Cuban again, and into the Topaz and made myself start using it.  It did correct the problems I had with the Cuban, which were 1. It didn't lie flat (the Topaz did right away) 2. The rings were SO huge they were hard to write over (the Topaz has standard size FF personal size rings, 23mm I think)

Here are some pictures of the comparison between the Topaz and the Cuban.  As you can see, the Cuban Zip (also personal size) is WAY bigger.
And here's the inside of the Topaz:

Here's some more random pictures including a "What's In My Bag" photo:

I carry from left to right:
*a pen case full of Le Pens and some random gel pens
*a Vera Bradley cosmetic bag with band aids, sanitizer gel, those tooth pick thingies with dental floss on one end, Advil, my inhaler, a reusable bag, a sewing kit, eye drops, and a small penknife in it
*another reusable bag
*Vera Bradley (no, I don't have a VB problem, why?) eyeglass holder
*Vera Bradley wallet (my kids got this for me for my birthday this year)
*my Filofax
And in the inside zipper pocket of the bag I carry various lip glosses, lipsticks, maybe a pen or two for easy access, and sometimes my Canon A2000IS point & shoot camera

I absolutely ADORE the bag, by the way, as I do all of my VB bags.

Here's a picture of the Topaz in one of the two outside pockets of my new bag, I can't believe how much smaller this is than the Cuban Zip. (Although I should have realized, because it is the same size as my Domino, duh!)
So, I'm still using the Topaz, and as far as Filofaxes go, I do like it. The color is just amazing, and the fact that it lies flat is spectacular.  I also like the configuration of business card pockets and the secretarial flap in the front.  I would make one change though, I would rather have a note pad pocket in the back than a zipper pocket.  I just don't use the zipper pockets in the back, so it's wasted space for me.

However, I am having MAJOR issues with Filofax right now, and it's trying my patience.  While that's certainly not difficult as I am not a particularly patient person by nature, I just don't have the tolerance for things that don't work well, and am ready to chuck the whole damned thing out the window.  (But this is an issue for another post. I promise it won't be so long between posts!)

Also, I fell for a Baroque on eBay, and I'm using that as something else, but that's a whole 'nother story (that I haven't taken pictures for) so I guess that's toodles for now y'all!

"To Be Continued..."

P.S. I got the Topaz at Pens and Leather, and their service was outstanding. I can totally recommend them as a source for Filofax in the US. Their prices are great to boot!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Give Up On The Curmudgeon!!

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! Please don't give up on me, y'all!

I've had lots to say, but haven't had the energy to post.  Now, I know you're thinking, "um..." But for the last couple of years I've had this bone-crushing fatigue that the Dr.'s seem to think is nothing, but my body knows is something. A lot of days all I can do is sit in front of the computer or TV.  A few months ago it got WAY worse, and it turns out I had Mono (For the second time. I thought you could only get it once, what a neat surprise!). Some days I have to stop after my shower and take a rest. It's really bad.

 I've had blood work upon blood work, and all my labs come back "normal", but most days I'm too tired to even read. Now, saying that I'm too tired to read only means something when you understand that to me, books are like air. I read ALL THE TIME. And I read everything (except newspapers). Cereal boxes, product boxes, if the tp had writing on it I'd read it before I used it...

Any hoo! Don't give up on me, please, I love ya, and I'm trying!