Monday, April 25, 2011

Current Filofax Conundrum

Hello lovies! I hope you've had a delightful and refreshing holiday weekend!!

I've spent most of my holiday weekend on Twitter and Facebook cussing and discussing Filofaxes. (Yes, I know I need to get out more, thank you) Or more specifically, "Oh my gosh, I need want a new Filofax, but I just can't decide which one because I love them all!" (Well, except the Apex. What a frightful disaster that is! Just more proof that Filofax the company should read Philofaxy the blog, post haste!!)

Now, as an aside, I'm rather at a loss as to why, as a group, us lot who have a Filofax in perfect working order, that we really love, have the burning desire to purchase even MORE Filofaxes.  Perhaps it's just that they're just so bloody gorgeous that it's like the potato chip problem, no one can have just one. This is also a great theory, and one that the Filofax Enabler Club is likely to recognize. I don't know, people certainly collect far odder things, so tell your loved ones who think you're a fry short of your Happy Meal are having a hard time understanding your habit to hush up.

ANY HOO... I had decided that I wanted something that unlike my Cuban Zip, lies flat. This is bothering me way more than I thought it would. When I switched  back to my Domino the other day just to try it out, I also realized that while the ring size of the Cuban is wonderful for stowing loads of crap stuff, it makes it a lot more difficult to write over the rings, but the Domino's rings were easier to work with. So I've been driving myself (and my online friends) bug nuts over WHICH ONE TO BUY???

As I have a VERY limited Filofax budget, I have to be very careful.  Also, I can't see any of the ones I want in person because the only store close to me has a horrendous selection (more on this in my next post). So I've been hounding asking all my Filofax friends for their ideas and recommendations.

Here's the short list: (all in the Personal size)
  1. Adelphi in Magenta
  2. Metropol in Raspberry
  3. Malden in Black
  4. Malden in Ochre
  5. Wait for the Malden in Vintage Pink
I've crossed the Malden in black off of the list because, though it is stunning,  I just don't want another black accessory. I usually avoid buying black accessories like the plague. I don't buy black purses if I can help it, or at least not solid black, and I try not to buy black shoes either.  It's not that I don't like black, I just LOVE color so much! Color makes me happy--one of the reasons I adore Vera Bradley so much.

Speaking of Vera Bradley! As my birthday is coming up in May, I'd love to have a bag/Filofax combo that at least semi-matches. This is the bag I want, so I think that the Adelphi would match perfectly! Both have that wonderful quilting, and the color is brilliant! It makes me happy to think of looking into my bag and finding the Adelphi. However, the Adelphi has met with strong rejection from some of my online friends, so maybe I'm wrong. That being said, the Malden certainly has it's own abundant and beguiling charms (I even hear some of them have been quite naughty in the wild). I think the Ochre color looks like me, but it doesn't match a bloody thing I have (not that I care much about matchy matchy)...OR I could wait for the Vintage Pink to come out...but that defeats the purpose of a "Birthday" present. AND not being able to see any of these in person to help with the decision is really a problem!  (Well, you know, not on the order of world hunger or anything, but annoying me nonetheless).

I think I am definitely going to buy the Metropol, but I'm going to use it for something else, so that purchase is a given. I've been in love with it (just wish it was leather) since I first saw Gala Darling's post about hers. As a matter of fact, that post is what started my Filofax obsession love-affair too!

So there you have it! My Current Filofax Conundrum. Please share your enabling thoughts!!
Next week, I'm moving onto bitching providing constructive criticism about the inserts...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make-Up, the evil plot to exploit women and separate us from our money

I know! Outrageous and inflammatory title huh? But seriously! I have discovered a secret and nefarious conspiracy to separate me from my Filofax funding money, and make me damned uncomfortable in the process! It has been carefully crafted through the years by the same villainous bastards who invented the corset (le gasp), high heels,  and the brassiere. (Ok, I actually need the bra to keep me from knocking into stuff, but I still hate wearing it!)

So here's how I discovered this vile plot:  I wore make-up yesterday, not because I wanted to, because--let's be brutally honest here--why would I want to? Ever? So why did I do it? To please others. Yep. *hanging head in shame* You see, I wanted to post a couple of videos to YouTube, and since make up does actually make me look marginally presentable, I figured it would be a good idea to put some on so that I wouldn't scare the crap out of would look better on video for my viewers; you know, all 2 of 'em.  Here's the problem: Today, my eyes hurt like hell and they are watering prolifically, making it difficult and painful to see. (I've grown fond of seeing, so this is really problematic for me) Now, I am not allergic to any of the makeup I currently use or anything, it's just that when I wear it, my skin and my eyes feel like crap, and the next day? Les Miserables x 10! So why in the holy hell do I do this to myself? You would think I'd be old enough (WAY old enough *sniff sniff*) to bloody know better!


One of the brilliant things about turning 40, (and soon, too soon, 41) is that I care less and less about what other people think about me. Not that I don't enjoy a well-placed compliment, or kudos where they are due, I just quit caring so much about trying to please other people. There are a certain amount of people in this life who are gonna like you, and a whole whack of people who don't, and an even bigger whack of people who simply don't give a damn. Plus, I'd really rather be judged based on my "actual value" rather than my "perceived value". Now, this may be the reason (or just one of a gazillion) that I am still single, but that doesn't bother me like it did when I was young either. (Although, upon further reflection, maybe it's because I forget shit at a much more rapid rate than I did when I was younger. I don't know, I forget...)

Now, what was my point? Oh yeah! An evil, must wear makeup to appear in public, brassiere inventing, high heel promoting, torture yourself to please other people, pernicious plot to overthrow a woman's true inner beauty, and exchange it for pseudo-beauty at any physical cost. (When you eat into my Filofax budget buddy, AND make me feel like crap in the process, you're on thin ice)

I could try to blame it on men--because it's so fantasmically easy to blame stuff on them--but really? I don't even think that they give a rats rear about all that stuff, to be honest.  Face it, they either want to see a woman nekked, or they want a sandwich--and they're not the ones buying the fashion magazines. It's WOMEN!! So make-up can kiss my huge butt, I'm not wearing it any more. And ladies, if you don't like me because of that, I'll miss you!

There! You can bow down to me in undying devotion thank me in the comment section for unveiling this dastardly plot and sharing it with you so that you no longer have to be enslaved if you don't wish to be. You're welcome, I love you, and you look beautiful without make up, because clean skin is dead sexy!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My True Love--My Filofax

So, unless you are already a Filofax addict (I think we should be called Filo-cracks :D), you may think this is crazy--I'm in love with my Filofax.  No, seriously.  As a matter of fact, it smelled so delicious that the first night I had it, I slept with it tucked under my pillow. Wait! Don't go! I'm not insane...or mostly on!!

Prior to buying this Filofax, I think I've used like every major planner on the planet including: DayTimer, Franklin Covey (multiple times; slow learner), Planner Pad, and various and sundry planners I've purchased at box stores or  bookstores.  None of my attempts at using a planner properly and consistently has lasted more than about two months.

I thought it was because I had a really short attention span (the gnat analogy works well here).  But! Since I bought my Filofax personal size Cuban Zip, and filled it the way I wanted it, I've used this planner consistently and effectively every day since! Now, even though I still get planner envy a la Kanalt at  Life Well Planned, I don't have a major desire to scrap my Filofax and try something entirely new.

This is how I'm using mine right now:

I keep month on one page with notesweek on two pages, and day per page diaries. These I keep about 1/2 way into my Filofax so that it is easier to write on the left page over the rings.  I use the monthly page to record things like when the days I work pay out, when bills are due, and birthdays or other important days.  On the week on two pages, I record things like to-do's, where I work on what days, any other appointments, and any other "short" (to write) items.  On the daily pages, I record the weather, how I or my children feel, what actually happens, my daily "5 Things I'm Grateful For" lists, blog posts I want to do, and any other more lengthy notes I want to record.

Now, the daily sheets are working better than my previous set-up in my Filofax, which was to put a blank sheet of Filofax notepaper in between the week on two pages sheets, but I'm still finding that on some days, there's not enough space.  I was reading Kanalt's latest post, and I'm wondering if the DayRunner day on two pages wouldn't be better, especially since the notes area is on the right side--that is just brilliant! I think I'll wait to see how it works for her, and then re-think it.  I'll also track how many days I really need the extra space to write/take notes.

Since there's way more to share about how I use my Filofax, I will devote this week's blogging space to my Filofax and what else I have in it, others' Filofaxes, and I'll share more blogs and videos about Filofaxes. UPDATE: Since I had to move blogging platforms yet again, I'll be posting some of this next week.

If you have any questions before then or as we go, let me know!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Filofax, My Love

So, I talked briefly about my Filofax, and how I use it, but with this post I'll flush out some more details and add some pictures. Hope you likes it!

This is my Filofax, it is a personal size Cuban Zip in saddle brown:

This is my personal size Cuban Zip
The picture of it is horrible, sorry. With my flash off, it's too dark, with the flash on it reflects on the leather.  But that's actually a good point; the leather on the Cuban is a smooth, shiny piece of heaven. Smells like a new pair of boots...ahhh, delicious!

Inside front of my Filo
This is the inside front, all stuffed chock full of stuff, which is just how I like my Filofaxes, fluffy and stuffy!  I keep two of those Bic 4-color pens, just hooked into the pen loops by their clips so that they are easier to get in and out.

Inside Cover, my Filofax Cuban Zip
This is another picture of the inside front, that shows the pockets better. Under the pen there is a slash type horizontal pocket, and above that is a zippered pocket where I sometimes stash cash.

clear envelopes in the front of my Filofax
Next I keep a clear envelope, a business card holder with pictures of my kids on one side, and frequently used cards on the other, and then quotes and things in two more clear envelopes. Next is that nifty neato sticky note insert from Filofax. I loves it. The small flags are transparent so you can use them to highlight text too; groovy!

clear envelope and sticky notes in my Filofax

My "Must" do sticker on a divider in my Filofax
Next comes my "MUST" do list. I just keep plain note paper behind here and record in red all the to-do's that are non-negotiable. Only the to-do's that are not tied to a specific date go here.  If I need to do something that has to be done on or by a certain date, that goes on my weekly pages. Cute matryoshka stickers are from Ginko papers.

Washi tags as my "dividers between the dividers"
Between three of my dividers (Must, Research, and Need) I have extra dividers that mark things I want to do, things I want to get, and for ideas. This is the place for a "wish list" and ideas for projects, research, etc. Washi tags came from Cute Tape.

My "Need" divider, which is my shopping list
Next is my "Need" divider. This is my shopping list. I also have another Washi tag in the middle of this section for things I want to get.  Right now I have a personal Malden in black on this list...yep, Filo-crack.

My "Books" divider, where I keep track of books I want to get
This is my Books divider, where I keep books I want to get/read.  I should be better about keeping a list of already read books, but I read so much  that most of the time I forget to list the books here.

My "Blog" divider
This is my Blog divider, and I keep blog fodder ideas here, and posts I've already done. (The whole 4 or 5 of them, haha).

Next, I have my Diary pages. first, marked with the standard black ruler, is the month on one page with notes.  These inserts are horizontal, so you have to turn your planner sideways to use them. I actually like this, because the Cuban doesn't lie flat, and that helps to smash it down so I can write without the rings being in my way.

Month on one page with notes
The weekends on this insert are all listed on the right, which is kind of neat, but I hate the way Filofax smooshes your weekends! Some of us have MORE stuff to do on the weekends and need the space!! But all I record here right now are things like bill due dates, days that my work days pay out on, birthdays, days the schools are closed, etc.

Next in my Diary section is my week on two pages that comes standard when you buy the personal size Filofax. I started with these, but quickly out grew the space.  At first I was using a sheet of blank note paper in between for the overflow, but at Imy's suggestion, I bought the day on one page to add.  It has helped, but sometimes I still run out of space to write.  I have begun adding a blank sheet of notepaper in between the daily pages to help with any overflow.  This is working really well for me right now, but I still wonder if the A5 size mightn't have been better?? The grass is always greener, no?

Week on two pages (wotp)
Then next are my day on one page inserts.  Also notice that on the weekly pages I inserted a frosted ruler, and between the daily pages I have a clear ruler. I like these SO much better than the black ones! Not only can you see through them, but they are way more substantial, especially the clear one which is actually hard to move without opening the rings.

Daily pages (dpp)
Covering some personal information is one of those jot pad sheets. These are SPECTACULAR! You can take a quick note, then stick it anywhere in your Filofax. SO handy!

After the diary inserts, I have a Notes tab, and I keep just plain lined paper here, nothing specific.  Then is the Projects tab, which I haven't decided what to do with yet. Maybe affirmations or something.  I'll label it "Project Rori Improvement" or something else fun.  Then is the Information tab, and behind this I keep all my internet program passwords to my blog, FB, Twitter, my web host, my domain registrar, Penzu, email, etc.

After that is the Financial tab, which I should be using, but I'm irresponsible enough to not be. *sheepish grin*

Address sheets
Then is the Address tab. Behind here I keep frequently called numbers, and my new pen pal addresses.  I use the Telephone Numbers inserts here as well as a couple of the regular address ones that come with the Filofax when you buy it.

At the very back, I have a zipper envelope. Since I'm using my Filo as my wallet right now, I have my insurance cards and other wallet essentials in here. In the very back, I have a couple of magazine pictures and articles that I want to keep.

And that's it! Whew! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy seeing how others use theirs!

Blog Me

So, in order to share my rants and raves with people who couldn't care less others, I decided that the best platform for that would be blogging (?).  There's one big problem though (and a whole host of smaller ones), while I am reasonably proficient with my computer, and I can do what I need to do with it (mostly), I've been an epic fail at blogging.  Before I explain, you should know that I have ZERO patience for things that don't work. None.

Ok, so here we go:

In my quest to be a successful marginally adept blogger, I have now tried almost every blogging platform available. {"I've been everywhere man"} I started with, and I was frustrated with the templates or something, I don't really remember. (Might have been all the "extra" stuff they want you to pay is that a "free" platform??)

Then I decided that I would try TypePad because they had a free trial, and what did I have to lose? They have proper tech support, so I thought that would be really helpful considering my seemingly infinite capacity to arse things up.  I moved everything to TypePad, and there was just something about TypePad that bugged me, (yes, besides the glaring lack of any decent themes.  I mean honestly, you pay for the service, you should at least get themes as nice as the ones on Blogger!)

Next,  I read a lot of online articles and bought a few books (love Dummies guides!)  and most of them said that if you really want to blog the "only" real  platform is  These lying bastards folks even said that WP was really easy to install and use! Yay! So--(and this was really pitifully hilarious)--one weekend I tried to do a manual install. (I know, you see the red flashing lights and hear the sirens here right? I didn't...) It took 3 books, 6 hours, much cursing, much help form HostGator, and I got exactly nowhere.

Ultimately, I had to undo all the damage I had done, and then I did the smart(er) thing--the one-click install. Voila! Instablog. Great! pictures won't load, the plug-ins are a pain in the ass, and I HATE blogging! So I cancel my hosting, get rid of my blog, and go back to TypePad!

I hear you--I know you're questioning my mental stability...'s'ok, sometimes I do too. Ok, so meanwhile back at the ranch, the TypePad blog back still bugs me, and the themes are still bloody ugly.  So I move on to Blogger. Whiz Bang! I install 2 blogs, buy one of them a domain, and they look great! pictures take FOREVER to load, every time I go back in my settings are changed, and I hate blogging again...

You'd think I'd get it, right? BUT WAIT! *Poof*  I conveniently ignore forget how much I hated the first time, so I buy hosting again, and install (One Click the FIRST time this time! See? I can be taught!) WP again. That's this blogUPDATE: AND when I put pictures into my blog post, the formatting is all screwy when you go to my blog. WHY??? I just don't get it. I don't get why you need an IT degree to use WP, or why I'm the only one that thinks it's complete crap! I cut and pasted the Filofax post into both and Blogger, and even with cut and paste, BOTH of them had the formatting of the pictures/post correct. So, now I'm back with Blogger, and unless someone offers me completely free site maintenance for life, I'm not leaving again.  At least when/if things go wrong, it's not costing me any money.

Maybe I should just give up on this whole blogging thing-- except--this time...I REALLY LIKE DOING IT!! So, I guess I'll keep working and learning and re-reading that "Blogger for Dummies" guide.

Why I Rant

Hello all!  I thought I would share why I made this blog, and why I "rant". I rant because I'm a confirmed curmudgeon. Just ask my family and friends, who wish I'd stop bitching be more positive and optimistic. It's not that I "hate" everything, or that I'm grumpy all the time, it's just that there are a certain number of things that DRIVE ME NUTS. Sometimes this makes people think I have an attitude problem, but I think they probably have a perception problem.

I made this blog because I am trying some new things this year, things that make me a better person, things that scare the bejeebers out of me--but I think it will be good for me any way. I've also made the commitment to stop apologizing about how I look and who I am. I'm so tired of that. It's exhausted me, and there are many other things I'd rather work at than trying to be someone I'm not.

I plan on sharing some of the things that make me crazy, and some of the things I love. It will be more of a "rant and rave" than just a "rant". (I should have added that to my domain huh? I always think of things like that too late, damn). At any rate, I also plan to include inspirational links to other curmudgeon's and even some cheerful and wonderful people online for you to enjoy, some product views and reviews, and some tips and tricks to make you a better curmudgeon (or a better cheerful person if that's the way you roll). I hope that you will join me, I promise to always be authentic, even if I can't always be entertaining!