Monday, April 18, 2011

My True Love--My Filofax

So, unless you are already a Filofax addict (I think we should be called Filo-cracks :D), you may think this is crazy--I'm in love with my Filofax.  No, seriously.  As a matter of fact, it smelled so delicious that the first night I had it, I slept with it tucked under my pillow. Wait! Don't go! I'm not insane...or mostly on!!

Prior to buying this Filofax, I think I've used like every major planner on the planet including: DayTimer, Franklin Covey (multiple times; slow learner), Planner Pad, and various and sundry planners I've purchased at box stores or  bookstores.  None of my attempts at using a planner properly and consistently has lasted more than about two months.

I thought it was because I had a really short attention span (the gnat analogy works well here).  But! Since I bought my Filofax personal size Cuban Zip, and filled it the way I wanted it, I've used this planner consistently and effectively every day since! Now, even though I still get planner envy a la Kanalt at  Life Well Planned, I don't have a major desire to scrap my Filofax and try something entirely new.

This is how I'm using mine right now:

I keep month on one page with notesweek on two pages, and day per page diaries. These I keep about 1/2 way into my Filofax so that it is easier to write on the left page over the rings.  I use the monthly page to record things like when the days I work pay out, when bills are due, and birthdays or other important days.  On the week on two pages, I record things like to-do's, where I work on what days, any other appointments, and any other "short" (to write) items.  On the daily pages, I record the weather, how I or my children feel, what actually happens, my daily "5 Things I'm Grateful For" lists, blog posts I want to do, and any other more lengthy notes I want to record.

Now, the daily sheets are working better than my previous set-up in my Filofax, which was to put a blank sheet of Filofax notepaper in between the week on two pages sheets, but I'm still finding that on some days, there's not enough space.  I was reading Kanalt's latest post, and I'm wondering if the DayRunner day on two pages wouldn't be better, especially since the notes area is on the right side--that is just brilliant! I think I'll wait to see how it works for her, and then re-think it.  I'll also track how many days I really need the extra space to write/take notes.

Since there's way more to share about how I use my Filofax, I will devote this week's blogging space to my Filofax and what else I have in it, others' Filofaxes, and I'll share more blogs and videos about Filofaxes. UPDATE: Since I had to move blogging platforms yet again, I'll be posting some of this next week.

If you have any questions before then or as we go, let me know!


  1. I just had to say, the thing about you sleeping with it under your pillow, i can totally relate to it!!!

    I havent had it in bed but i've hugged it :-) lol


  2. Franklin has had one day on two pages with note page on the right for over 30 years now.

  3. I too chuckled when I read how you slept with it under your pillow! I actually sleep with mine on my bedside I can jot dreams down. husband would agree wholeheartedly with you ; )

  4. @jellyboo (love the name!) I know, right? My lovey...haha
    @thezeitgeistofzoe Filo-cracks!! Yay!! Good idea to jot dreams down!
    @bazalkryn I've actually used Franklin Covey. Never loved it like I love my Filo though...not sure that what you use?

  5. heh heh. i sleep with my pocket malden. it stays by my side in my right hand. i don't know, kinda like how my kid sleeps with his taggie stuffed lion - security thing? whatever, i don't really care as long as that thing is right there by my side in my right hand. funny since i'm thinking of switching back to the personal, i'll need more room in the bed. i did used to sleep with that one too but i think i put it under my pillow so that it will squish the leather a bit. it comes a little fluffy when you first get it. i've noticed i'm kinda wierd that way - everyone else seems to like fat overstuffed filos and i like the thinner the better. i also like the filo paper for that reason---thin i want it thin!

  6. @SNARLing Too funny huh? I think maybe with me it's because my "whole life" is in there. I mean honestly, if someone jacked my Filofax, or I lost it, I would be really devastated.
    I like mine "fluffy and stuffy" like Pooh bear! ;)
    What color Malden do you have?

  7. i have both the pocket and the personal malden in black (like my thoughts heh heh) i ordered a crimson pocket for my friend for a wedding present and had it sent to me first so i could see was ok. i just feel more at home with black. (which if you want to put a positive slant to that as far as colour is concerned, if you mix all colours together, you get black)

    i spent my sophomore year of college in rome, italy. i have a bfa (and an mfa - looks waaaaaaay better in writing) in painting with a minor in art history so rome was reallly awesome. the sketchbook i had at the time had my whole life in it... i think it was the end of spring break - after a week in luvvly greece making all kinds of beautiful drawing and collage in that book (which would be almost a full school year, mind you,,,) i made a phone call in a phone booth at the train station in paris... put the book on top of the phone.... haven't seen it since. soooooooo horribly devastating that was. it's been hard for me to really get back into carrying a sketchbook with me the way i had before then (taking it out and drawing spontaneously). i think i was 20, so that was like 22 years ago.... since then i kind of make things and give them away a lot. it was so hard to lose a part of myself like that.

    anyway, positive note: today i went to staples and discovered the arc! gonna have to write about it soon - i've always wanted the levenger circa system but felt it too expensive... now there;'s the arc!!!!! not sure if i'll sleep with that one though heh heh

  8. Holee molee! What a great story! (Not the losing of your sketch book, of course, that sucks hard)Rome...I'd love to hear more stories! And you write so wonderfully!
    I wanted a BFA and MFA, and my obnoxious dad told me "What are you ever going to do with an art degree???" AND I LISTENED! One of my biggest regrets in life..ANY HOO!

    Do you use both pocket and personal size?
    Can't wait to see your post about your arc!