Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I Rant

Hello all!  I thought I would share why I made this blog, and why I "rant". I rant because I'm a confirmed curmudgeon. Just ask my family and friends, who wish I'd stop bitching be more positive and optimistic. It's not that I "hate" everything, or that I'm grumpy all the time, it's just that there are a certain number of things that DRIVE ME NUTS. Sometimes this makes people think I have an attitude problem, but I think they probably have a perception problem.

I made this blog because I am trying some new things this year, things that make me a better person, things that scare the bejeebers out of me--but I think it will be good for me any way. I've also made the commitment to stop apologizing about how I look and who I am. I'm so tired of that. It's exhausted me, and there are many other things I'd rather work at than trying to be someone I'm not.

I plan on sharing some of the things that make me crazy, and some of the things I love. It will be more of a "rant and rave" than just a "rant". (I should have added that to my domain huh? I always think of things like that too late, damn). At any rate, I also plan to include inspirational links to other curmudgeon's and even some cheerful and wonderful people online for you to enjoy, some product views and reviews, and some tips and tricks to make you a better curmudgeon (or a better cheerful person if that's the way you roll). I hope that you will join me, I promise to always be authentic, even if I can't always be entertaining!