Thursday, July 7, 2011

Woman's Success Planner Update

My Uncalendar lies abandoned on a bookshelf. Want to know why? Well, I'm going to tell you any way!

Remember my Woman's Success Planner Review post? Where I said something stupid like I couldn't use this planner because the lines were too small? Or there was not enough space, or something really dumb like that? Happily,  I was SO wrong!

Earlier this week, I was having problems with my Uncalendar. No matter how hard I try to use the Un, it just works against me. About the same time that I was struggling with the Uncalendar this last week,  Steph Calahan posted a tweet about the "7 Minute Life Planner".  I looked that up and found a whole series of videos about the planner.  While it's not something I think I want to invest in, there are really excellent ideas in it, and in the videos, which I highly recommend watching.

After watching those, I realized that the Woman's Success Planner was the perfect planner to add these ideas to. So, I broke it out and started filling in goals, tasks, and daily tracking items.  Mind you, there were already some daily tracking items in the planner, but I modified a few and added a few. 

Long story short, after a week of using this planner more fully, I am in love with it.  Mind you, I would still really, really like to have wider lines, and a bit more space in general.  I would also like for some of the items to be user fill-inable (it's a word now, ain't it?) However, in lieu of designing our own planner from the ground up, we have to decide what we can live with, and what we can live without, yes? So for me, the benefits of this planner outweigh the deficits (as perceived by me).

Here are a few pictures of how I'm using it now:

I changed the "Menu" planning area at the beginning of the week so that I can list the #B90Days readings for the week. This way they don't take up room on my days, and also there's a bit more room here to write them in.

At the bottom of the task area for each day, I have added the question "Have I done what I said I would do?" (from the 7 Minute Life Planner) and a y or n check box. I adore the thrill of checking y! Below this, you can see the Health Tracker check boxes that come already in the planner. There's space for Water, Fruits and Veg, Exercise, and one to Personalize how you want it.  Also, along the bottom are the circles to color in when you've completed the daily task that corresponds to the number.  I've changed some of those also.

 Here, you can see some of the categories I've added, and my ugly drawing of a book. The icons are for Sleep (in hours), and I changed the flower one to "Reflection" recorded in minutes, and then the Book is-- quite obviously perhaps-- "Reading" also recorded in minutes.

Here, you can see where I've changed some of the daily tasks.  Some of these like "swish toilet" and "reboot laundry" are borrowed from FlyLady.

 I've also added as a daily task "plan", so I actually make time to plan for my next day, or for the next week.

This is another iteration of the Y/N choice for "Have I done what I said I would do?" question for each day.

 This is my current week, with some things filled in. I've put in the subjects for homeschool also.  This will change, because I think I need a separate planer for homeschooling. But you can see where I've filled in my water and veg intake.

 Here, you can see where I've put in my sleep hours, and my reading and reflection time. Also I'm not doing so good on the daily tasks thing, as you can see. But I love coloring in the dots as it's totally gratifying, so I expect this to change this next week when I get in more of a routine about what I want to do each day.

Here is the end of this week, with blog post plans, homeschool plans, and not much else really yet. So that's about it.  Let me reiterate how awesome this paper is! It takes any kind of ink you can throw at it, and it takes it perfectly! NO show through on the other side, no feathering. Just..perfect.  Also, the thing smells really good, did I mention that? I love the smell of paper and ink...I can't wait to be able to order the Address Book and leather cover!

Pamela Henrie, of The Success Choice left a comment on my review post (!), and she confirmed that not only was the paper recycled, but it is made in the U.S.A., as is all of their product line.

Also note that they make a binder version of this planner. It would have to be re-punched to fit in a Filofax (I think, and it's A5 size), but  that's easy peasy. Just don't expect to be able to use your plastic Filofax hole punch toy, as I'm not sure how that would work on the monthly pages.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Error in my last post! My apologies.

I made an error in my last post. It should read "Woman's Success Planner", not Women's Success Planner.

My sincerest apologies to my readers, and also to The Success Choice, LLC.
All links are correct however, and should take you to the website.