Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Wrap-Up

So I just wanted to check in and post a few random things. Thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my blog!! And a huge thanks to Philofaxy for the links!

Random #1--I had posted on FB about how smoky it was here because of various fires in AZ. The wind blows SO hard here, that we get all the pleasantness from said fires. Here's what it looked like the other day:

 About 20 minutes after I took this, it got worse. By sunset, you couldn't see 2 blocks away. Getting really tired of this really quickly! (Mind you, I'm thrilled to not be in tornado alley, so it's all good).

Random #2--Did I tell y'all that a couple of weeks back I bought a black Baroque off of eBay? I love this design, and was happy to find the black one, and at a GREAT price I might add.  Seller was FABULOUS, and I had my planner in 2 days! (If she's still on eBay, I'll link her on Twitter and FB this next week, with her permission). I'm obviously not using this as my main Filo, both because I'm using my Topaz, and because I'm having MAJOR planner issues. I have a plan though...I've been doing some spiritual "exploring" and deciding about what I really believe--so right now the Baroque is my Tarot Journal and "dark grimoire" of sorts. I put a bunch of blank note paper in it from my Topaz and Domino that wasn't being used. I absolutely love it. (I think I'm cursed w/ funky smelling Filofaxes though, it smells funny like the Topaz did):
 Baroque next to the Topaz

Inside front, showing the pattern of the inside cover. Same pocket set-up as the Malden.

Back inside cover. I love that it has the pattern inside, kind of like a "secret". Fun.

Random #3--I bought a Parker Planner after seeing in on Plannerisms, and I got it on Friday. 
Inside front cover.
Beginning of the week, and first page.
There's only one problem with it really...

It's TINY. Now, I know what you're thinking, and yes, the dimensions were on the Parker Planners website. I'm a visual sort though, and sometimes dimensions don't sink in until I actually see something in person. This planner, while it is GREAT, is obviously not going to work for me, and may end up being a blog giveaway...stay tuned for that. (Wish they made this format in a planner about 4 times this size, it would be brilliant).

It actually was helpful in deciding what I really need/want out of my planner though, and certainly not a waste of $/time. They are really reasonable, and would be perfect to drop in a bag if you don't want to carry around your full-size planner.

Random #4--My kids are budding photographers/fashion designers, and I thought I would share their latest work. Obviously, their victims models were thrilled:

And, that's about it I think...NO WAIT! Thank you to Steve from Philofaxy for the smashing Skype chat this morning! Can't wait for the next one!!


  1. Oh I hope this comment gets posted! I couldn't post from my laptop so trying iPad.

    It was lovely to chat with you today. I really hope the wildfires ease up so your summer isn't ruined. I am glad they are too far away to cause any damage to your home. I love your Filofaxes and the dog pictures in the berets are hilarious. Is this a French look? We should ask Steve if he dresses like this now. Hehe.

    Thanks for your Facebook message about my accent. It hasn't changed in the nearly 8 yearsvi have lived here. Sometimes I feel a bit conscious about it but it's good to be different.

  2. I am loving your blog, Rori. Gotta read thru your archives ....

    Those baroque Filos are beauties ... and really elegant in black. Is it leather?

    Looking forward to future posts as you worth through your planner issues as well as hearing what else is going on in your life!

  3. Great post Rori. I love that Baroque Filofax! I've never seen one before and it does look exactly like a 'dark grimoire' shoudl - I think.
    The Topaz is gorgeous too.

    The dogs really suit their berets although I'm not sure that was what they were thinking at the time :-D

    It was great chatting with everyone today and looking forward to catching up again soon.

  4. SHIT! i missed skype AGAIN! of course, i did NOT put it in my planner. the date was released in may... i'm back to my old ways thinking june's sooooo far from now... heh heh. i would NOT blame it on my current planner choice, however. still trying to figure things out, but still loving having a place to doodle and draw and mess around with pen and paper and actually doing it! plus still have a planner and todos. i think i'm gonna have to write about this thing sooner than i'd initially like - not finished with the testing but just want to share i'm so psyched

  5. @caribbean princess (I always want to put 2 r's and one b, dork)Thank you! Fires are far enough away to not be dangerous, just annoying.

    Poor dogs, it was hilarious though, and no animals were physically harmed in the making of the art, only dented pride :)

    I ADORE your voice and laugh and accent! I so
    enjoy hearing people from other parts of the world. I should have realized that BC (before children) so I could have traveled...*le sigh*

    And it is good to be different! (My different is more the people pointing and staring kind than the beautiful woman with the exotic accent kind...but oh well)
    Any hoo, you should totally do some videos!!

    @Roanne Thank you for your kind comments, and I'm glad you are here! Yes, the Baroque is leather..just..strange leather. I like it though, it's funky :)

    @thefledglingblogger Great to have you here!
    Enjoyed reading your blog today also, gave me some good ideas about improving my blog, thank you!

    @SNARLing Dude! Sorry you weren't there, and I am so looking forward to your post about the Traveler's Notebook! You know, I'm so slow..sometimes it doesn't even occur to me to write things like that in my planner, what a knob, huh?

    Isn't it GREAT to have space to play? And good enough paper to be able to use something besides ball point??