Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daily Log

So a couple of weeks ago, I was still again lurking on Plannerisms (my favorite new hobby, apparently), and I came across some posts (Which I can't seem to find. Just go peruse the whole blog, it's all good stuff any way and you'll enjoy yourself) Laurie did about using a planner as a "daily log book".  Since this is how I was primarily using the daily pages in my Filofax--albeit being frustrated by the lack of space--I decided I would work on this idea.

I found an old Piccadilly notebook that I got on sale at Borders a couple of years ago lying around gathering dust.  It looks just like a Moleskine, and is the same type of format replete with elastic cord, ribbon page marker (which I hate) and pocket in the back.

I just opened a page...and started. No planning, no laying out...I just went. I dated one week by dating the left hand page of a leaf, and then allowed 2 pages per day.  Then I decided at the end of that week that a leaf with the week ahead on two pages would be a good idea.  This way I could put any tasks for the week, any things to "research" (what I call all the time I spend online. It sounds so much prettier than "killing time"), blog ideas, etc.  I mark it with this yellow flag, so it's always easy to turn to. This "weekly" page keeps evolving, and I really like that.  I love that every week I can vary the format, the print, the color of pens, whatever I want. FREEDOOOMM!

As for the Piccadilly--I actually don't like it and wouldn't buy another.  Mind you, it's better than Moleskine by a long shot: much better paper and no nasty chemicals (read their site, I swear! It's a Prop 65 warning for CA residents because Moleskine uses a "plastic softener" PLUS, they're made in China. I'm trying to stop buying things made in China.  Just a personal conviction).  However, I find that the lines are WAY too narrow for my writing, and that there is a fair amount of show through on the pages (you can see that in the page above) especially with fountain pen ink.  I also prefer paper with a bit of "tooth" to it, and these pages are very slick.  It takes my fountain pen ink (Private Reserve in Fiesta Red, if you're interested) a fair amount of time to dry.  Frixions work fantasmically on it though!  Here's the page I used to test my new ones on:

I think when I finish this notebook I will try either the  Ecosystem Notebooks or the Exacompta Basics notebooks.  Both of them have a bit of tooth, and the Ecosystem is recycled AND made in the U.S. Plus, I've decided that I really prefer white paper to ivory.

But meanwhile back at the ranch: This "log book" experiment is working WONDERFULLY well.  On the daily pages, I just write the weather, things that are going on (lots about fires lately, sadly), things the kids do/say, thoughts, feelings etc. There is OODLES of space, as I can determine how many pages I need per day--I LOVE THIS PART!!

The only things I'm still having trouble with are:  1. Where to put contacts. I don't want to have to re-write these, and right now they're still in my Filofax Topaz (which is wearing at the corners already *sniff*. Crummy leather)  2. Where to put lists.  3.  Some routine tasks are not making it onto my weekly pages.  Of course, with my life having come to a grinding halt this summer, it's not all that critical, and I have plenty of time to work on solutions to these issues.  I think that as this is working so very well, even if I return to a "regular" type planner, I will continue with the daily log book.  This means that my planner choices and needs have changed very dramatically--and you know what that leads to---Yep...MANY MORE HOURS ON PLANNERISMS!! (Doing RESEARCH, I said! RESEARCH)

**HUGE thank you to Laurie, without your blog I would be so lost...


  1. "research". I love it. I do A LOT of research on a daily basis. ;-) good luck with figuring out how to compile your various information. That was probably my main frustration with a bound notebook, the fact that I'd either have to copy over information or store it in a secondary format. So far for me, Filo has been working well.

  2. @terriknits I know, right? Women's Success Planner does make a small, moveable address book. I may break down and buy one of those. Any PP news yet??

  3. Hey Rori - Terrific post!

    I really like daily 'analog' notes, too, since my day is packed with meetings and stuff I have to keep track of. I switched over to the A5 Domino, which is sturdy and gives me plenty of room to write.

    When I don't want bulk, though, I've been using the Arc notebook 'system' from Staples. It's not much of a 'system' - just disc-bound, so pages can be either permanent or a quick switch-out. (Plus, the paper fits my Filo! I just whack off the disc area with a paper cutter and punch it.)

  4. heh heh robin - i was just going to ask rori if she's tried a5 yet...

    so rori - have you tired a5 yet? just wondering. i've been thinking about that a5 ultraviolet for awhile now. might push the button before july 1st...not sure tho.

    i have been doing some daily logging in the midori. i love that thing but something about that filofax,,, the compact is going really great, by the way. it is perfect for me for a main planner. but for journalling and such... i kinda want a daily log, a sketchbook, happiness project and artbook all in ONE book. surprise surprise. it seems like bigger is the way to go. i like the arc too but i don't know what it is about that damned filofax - i feel like i can make it work for me. or rather - i NEED to make it work for me. they must have mind control printed within their papers - or the vapors that come out of their binders or something. i'm just so used to a binder at this point. jeez. they have totally programmed my mind to think in terms of organizing in a goddamned binder

  5. @Robin Thank you! A while back SNARLing did a post on the Arc notebooks, they look fantastic. That's brilliant that the paper fits in the A5! I'll have to look into those a little more... Thank you for the link!

    @SNARLing I was actually given a beautiful A5 Raspberry Finsbury recently, but I haven't started using it. Right now, my life just doesn't require much planning. (Wake up, sit around, do some school w/ the kids, try to not die of heat stroke, sit around some more, sit outside all evening because it's cooler, "research" on the internet...)

    I know what you mean about the Filofax!(Kind of like the heroin in tattoos...)That's why I joked about the "Filocrack" thing, haha. I sure miss mine, but I do NOT miss the lack of space in the personal size! I think maybe in the fall I will buy the Month on 2 pages and the Daily inserts, and try the A5 for real. (Mind you, by then I'll have to buy both years maybe not. Maybe I'll have to wait until next Jan. now *sobs*)

    It is SO nice to have a pretty leather binder that you can put all your goodies becomes a bit like a lovey blankie :O)

    I've totally given up the dream of having everything in one book though, that's just not going to happen for me I think...